Kaka Divorce

In July 2015, Kaká’s wife, Caroline Celico, announced their divorce in an Instagram post. It was a clash of Kaká’s two worlds, the personal melting into the very public. It was especially.

Brazilian football superstar Kaka, announced this week through his official representative that he and his wife of 9 years, Caroline Celico, are divorcing. The text, published in both English and Portuguese, reads as follows:

FOX35 KAKA DIVORCE01-08-2015  · It really is like a nightmare for awhile. The thing is, usually the worst of it comes in the lead up to the actual decision. Divorce doesn’t usually come out of thin air. It’s a gradual breakdown over months or years, so we’ve been unknowingly seeing Kaka as he’s been going through this already, maybe for the whole time he’s been in Florida.

26-03-2015  · After the marriage lasted nine years Kaka separated from his wife and why Miss Brazil Frequency lately that Kaka’s presence in trips with Miss Brazil, but he denies any differences with his wife.

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22-04-2012  · "WHEN A MAN CHEATS, IT IS A SIGN THAT HIS WIFE FAILED." SAYS CAROL CELICO At 25, Caroline Celico invests in the career of entrepreneur, talks about the marriage of seven years with the player Kaka and says forgive a betrayal. "I like being a woman who expects her husband to arrive for dinner." The short hair Caroline Celico , 25, announced changes. "I moved inside.